Sizawise not only looks after your HEALTH, but your WEALTH as well!

It does this by providing you with a fantastic Network based Business Opportunity - TOTALLY FREE of charge!

Sizawise is such an attractive package you will want to share it with your friends and we make this so easy for you to do with our unique "Share and Earn" Function.

This function:

  • Sends an email to your friends on your behalf.  All you have to do is enter their email address when referring them.
  • Links their cell number to you so that when they join, you automatically receive the commission.
  • Provides you with your own unique hyperlink for you to also attract people you don't even know to SizaWise via social media.

Just by using the “share and earn“ function on our app you can invite others to join SizaWise, and when they do, you automatically earn a monthly passive income, but it does not stop there ...

SizaWise offers a TOTALLY FREE Network based Business Opportunity.

Share this unique SIZAWISE where you can earn commission of 10% up to 3 levels deep!


Let’s have a look at what our members can earn:

Lets assume that a member introduces 10 members and each new member does the same….
That would result in 10 people on “level 1” The member earns R20 per member per month or R200 per month.
When those 10 members introduce their own 10 new members…10 x 10 = 100 people at R20 each on “level 2” or R2000 per month.
When those 100 people introduce their 10 each that is 100 x 10 = 1000 at R20 each or R20 000 per month.

By introducing 10 people and them doing the same our members can earn R22 200 per month as extra monthly income - with no costs.

- Just imagine what an extra R 22 000 per month would mean to the average person?

Do you dream of a lifestyle of luxury?

Can you see yourself and your family lazing by your pool while "normal" people are on their way to work every day?

All you need is the right opportunity.

Well, you have just found it!

Let us help you fully understand how much money you can earn with SizaWize and enjoy a lifestyle of luxury.

Let’s face it, to introduce 10 people to SizaWize is very easy for anyone to do – especially given the incredible value for money and fantastic benefits that SizaWise provides.

And when you have a 10 x 10 x 10 matrix you will be earning R22 200 every month without working for it.

But that’s for starters....

At SizaWize we always have some nice surprises for you!

12 x 12 x12 matrix

When you have a 12 x 12 x12 matrix you will also receive a brand-new BMW 320i M Concept (colour of your choice) in addition to your monthly passive income!

So, you will be driving in style!

In our SizaWize introduction video we promised you that a lifestyle of luxury is within your reach.

Check this out....

24 x 24 x24 matrix

When you have a 24 x 24 x24 matrix you will receive a luxury property of your choice worth R4.5m as well!

By the way, you will then be driving a brand-new BMW, living in a mansion and also be earning a monthly passive income of over R250k every month.

You will not believe your eyes when you see what bonus you get when you have a 50 x 50 x 50 matrix in place!

Let’s just say that when you get there you are seriously MADE!

How much do you need to get on the road to this lifestyle of luxury?

Would you believe that ONLY R199 gets you going!

What do you have to do to start earning this fantastic income?

Simply introduce other people to SizaWise and our technology helps you all the way!

You go to the share and earn function on our app and enter the persons cell number.

Then you send him or her a WhatsApp video which does the selling job for you.

When they register, they automatically belong to you and you are earning your first monthly income.

Now when they introduce their own people to SizaWize you earn even more and that continues down to your third level.

It is so easy anyone can do it and the SizaWize package is so attractive everyone loves and wants it!

Remember, you only focus on introducing your own people to SizaWise and so does everyone else - and you will see the results on your personalized dashboard as your network grows and grows.

Now just imagine where you will be in 6 months’ time.

(We even provide you with your own personalised dashboard so you can see how many people have joined your SizaWise Business.)

In order for SizaWise to create wealth for you – you MUST HAVE PAYING clients in your business!



We also provide the option for clients to pay R 1990 for 12 months subscription (providing TWO free months.)

This boosts your cash flow, because you earn R 200.00 commission.



Just imagine what your earnings on your dashboard will look like when even a small percentage of your clients are paying annual subscriptions.

Combine that with the incentive of earning full commission by becoming a paid client and you have a winning recipe!

So, when you are earning a great income, send a screenshot of your dashboard to your referrals (seeing is believing) and they will automatically want to join AND pay – resulting in even more income for you!


Share with as many people as you can –  the more you share the more you earn!

Sizawise looks after your HEALTH AND YOUR WEALTH!