Why must I declare if I am a professional driver?

Our Stangen policy does not cover professional drivers

What is considered to be a professional driver?

A professional driver is anyone who earns a living driving a bike, bus or car.

If part time, they will not be covered when driving as a professional.

How can I get a question answered that does not appear in this list?

Send any question that does not appear in this list to support@sizawise.co.za

Is SizaWise an illegal pyramid Scheme?

No, absolutely not. SizaWise utilizes the internationally accepted and highly successful multi-level, network marketing system.

Who is the company that does the Debt restructuring?


How long does Stangen take to pay out a claim?

Stangen pay withing 24 hours of receiving all claim documents

When does my Commuter Cover begin?

You covered is activated as soon as you have registered and paid your subscription.  There is not waiting period.

What is my risk?

Your total risk is R199 for your first payment. You should comfortably have 10 people in your network after your first month so your commission (R200) will cover your monthly premium.

How will I know if someone else referred the person before me?

You will get a notification telling you that the person has already been referred by someone else.

Can I start referring people before I make my R199 payment?

Yes you can start referring people but you will not receive your commission until you have paid.

When joining SizaWise how can I make my payment of R199?

You can either do an EFT or pay cash at any FNB branch (Use your cell number as reference.)

What is the minimum age for a person to join SizaWise?

You must be 18 years or older.

Can foreigners join SizaWise?

Yes although the insurance cover  only covers you while you are in South Africa.

Is SizaWise a South African Company?

Yes Sizawise was developed by South Africans for South Africans.

How much will I be earning when I have 13824 paying people in my network?

You will be earning R276 480 per month.

How do I qualify for the R4,5 Million property?

You must have a minimum of 13824 paying people in your network (Again it does not have to be an exact 24 x 24 x 24 matrix although that is the easiest way to explain it)

How do I qualify for the BMW 320i?

You must have a minimum of 1728 paying people in your network (It does not have to be an exact 12 x 12 x 12 matrix although that is the easiest way to explain it)

What does my dashboard tell me?

Your dashboard shows all the people in your network on all 3 levels as well as who has paid and how much commission is due to you (plus a few other nice to haves)

How do I refer someone?

You go to “share and earn” enter their details and submit them.

When do I get paid my commission?

We close our month at month end and pay commissions by the 7th day of the following month.

Can I refer as many people as I like?

Yes, the more you refer the more you are likely to earn.


Do I get a free Funeral policy when I make use of the Debt Reduction service?

Yes, you will receive free funeral cover for as long as you are paying your new reduced monthly debt repayment.

Are there any hidden or additional charges when using the Debt Reduction service?

No there are no admin or monthly fees whatsoever.

Where can I see a full list of all the Imali cash back partners?

The complete list comes with your card when you receive it or you can view them on our website.

Can I draw my cash back out as cash?

Yes, and you can withdraw it at any Standard Bank ATM free of bank charges.

When I pay a retailer using my Imali card when do I receive the cash back (Discount)?

You receive your cash back from our discount partners at month end.

Can I use my Imali card to pay my monthly subscription of R199?

Yes, we will deduct your premium from your card at month end.