Debt Reduction from SizaWise may be the best solution for you!

South African consumers are drowning in debt as a result of the rising costs of living.
Over 10 million South Africans are currently not credit worthy and have missed more than 3 credit payments in in a row.

MORE and MORE people are turning to Debt-Sure in order to eliminate unpaid debt and to attain financial freedom.

If you are falling behind on your debt repayments, and do not know how to resolve it, a special process, governed by the National Credit Act aims to rescue consumers and eliminate personal debt.
This process also protects you as the consumer from ANY creditor claiming possession of your assets. You are protected by law.
Debt-Sure, one of South Africa’s fastest growing debt restructuring/mediation firms can guide you through the process of becoming debt free by negotiating lower monthly installments with all of your
creditors and saving you up to 60% of your current monthly installment.
How Does It Work?
1.  A Highly trained mediator will contact you and explain the process.
2.  A new debt repayment plan is then set in place consisting of ONE affordable monthly repayment.
3.  Your ASSETS will be SAFE and no credit provider will be able allowed to harass you or go after your assets.
4.  Professional financial relief within days.
Debt-Sure will negotiate directly with all of your creditors for reduced debt repayments and lower interest rates.

“Before I reached out for help, I was scared, unsure and struggling to provide for my family.  Buying things was difficult.

After registering and completing the process with SizaWise and Debt Sure, my eyes opened and I can now breath and live, knowing that my debt is taken care of.”

N. Matope

Join Millions of South Africans who have decided to take back their financial freedom, become debt
free and are now able to provide for themselves and their families. If you earn more than R5 000 per
month and you are falling behind on your monthly payments, you will qualify. For assistance, contact
us on: Email - debtred@sizawise.co.za

No upfront or admin fees.

It's a real win win!

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